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Green Hornet was a popular crime-detective and adventure show aired from 1936 to 1952. Al Hodge starred as Britt Reid, the masked, globe-trotting crime fighter known as the Green Hornet. Britt Reid's sidekick Kato, the "faithful Pilipino valet" was played by Todutaro Hayashi. Lenore Allman played Lenore 'Casey' Case, Reid's secretary. Jim Irwin played the reporter, Michael Axford. Green Hornet was known for its striking theme music Flight of the Bumblebee in the opening.

For many years, radio fans of The Green Hornet were greeted with a memorable opening signature, "He hunts the biggest of all game! Public enemies who try to destroy our America!"

At the end of each show, a newspaper boy would be heard hawking the evening special showcasing Green Hornet's heroic deeds.

There are 142 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Not One Cent for Tribute June 13, 1936
Crandell And The Murder Ring December 28, 1937
The Political Racket May 5, 1938
Trust Fund Racket October 27, 1938
Phony Insurance Advisor November 1, 1938
Ligget's Citizenship Racket March 17, 1938
Not One Cent For Tribute June 13, 1939
Michael's Parole Racket October 12, 1939
The Child Labor Racket October 5, 1939
Robertson's Gas Racket September 28, 1939
Roberson's Courtroom Racket August 7, 1939
Disaster Rides the Rails July 6, 1939
Put It on Ice July 4, 1939
Crandall and the Murder Ring - Part 2 December 28, 1939
State Institution Racket October 24, 1939
Words and Music Killer Carson May 30, 1939
Sales Tax Racket December 23, 1939
Hospital Racket October 24, 1939
The Writer's Racket December 16, 1939
Carling Tells All December 14, 1939
Phony Accident Racket December 9, 1939
Smuggler Signs His Name aka The Smuggling Racket November 25, 1939
Research Racket aka Phony Testing November 9, 1939
The Parking Lot Racket October 31, 1939
The Ghost Who Talked Too Much May 25, 1939

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